>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Very welcome to the Torekov Art Center <<<<<<<<<

---------------------------------- ART & HEART & SOUL ----------------------------



After four years of preparation we proudly opened Torekov Art Center for the first time in July 2013.


After having conducted over 50 art-courses in painting, clay-work and meditation/yoga we are excited to expand our offering for the
2016 Art & Heart Program.

Our courses stretch from classic to expressive painting, clay work and sculpture and subsequently we will add courses where we focus on heart & soul in conjunction with art.


We will add to our home-page as we grow and the full ENGLISH VERSION will be available as soon as possible!


Until it is ready and if you want to contact us for any type of questions please 'clic' on Contact and write us or call us.  We will try to answer asap....:-))


With kind regards......


Patrik (Bernstelius) Bernstein




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